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'The Inheritance' & 'Say a Little Prayer'

                " While making my Wood slice sketches, during the quarantine of 2020I realized they are a great addition for a future installations. My idea was to use them as a large visual timeline of the past of the African diasporic  female experience. This slices can be interchanged as a main supporting cast to artifacts to lived experiences from my past.

                  My first Installation using the wood slices is titled 'The Inheritance'. This install was inspired by families legacy house specifically my 2x Great grandmothers bedroom. I thought about what would be found in a on a vanity passed from generation to generation and built a female space for reflection. The vanity and all the accoutrements found on and around it will reflect a time capsule per say for shared memories. 

                                                                     Say A Little Prayer

              The second install was dedicated to memories of my youth and hours spent in my home church in northern NJ. Sitting in the back hiding giggles with friends, acting right when the ushers or church ladies cut you the eye. The favorite church mother handing you a piece of peppermint candy while holding beat with her tambourine. 

               These memories are shared with the legend Dionne Warwick whose tweet about her life experiences and beginnings of her singing career in her home church, gave birth to this work exhibited in  at the Exhibition titled "Dionne Warwick: Queen of Twitter" at the Newark Arts Festival Fall of 2021.


LDB_TheInheritance _2021.jpg
LDB_Install_The Inheritance_2021_00 - Copy.jpg

HerStories Shrine

                     " These works are created with my largest fence panels that are arranged as  works in the form of diptychs and triptychs. Each individual panel can be viewed as standing sculptural pieces to  experienced 'in the round' or hung  as  traditional wall hanging works of art.

                        The beauty of these particular large works is I can mix and match different panels as individual visual narratives. These stories can become blended tales to expand on themes of cultural and societal issues. I am looking to embrace African American self -identity in a effort to create a positive visual lexicon of our history. My use of reclaimed large and small aged wood fences, is a symbolic reference to how fences keep people in and out, just as racial and gender identities can do the same socially."


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