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A Mass Collection of my Creative Visions...

Early works 

Le Bathe Negresse
poppy dance_edited
Ice Cool Coils
The Survivor
He Grows
Afro Rhythms
Tribal Beauty
She Reigns
Summer in the City
He bears it all
Black and Blue
Blooming Beauty
The Kiss
Celestial Woman
Hot Stuff
Zeta Phi Beauty
Doing the Do'
Birth of Love
Sitting on top the World
2 Hot 2 Handle
Womb of Love
Butterfly Cutie
The Mane Attraction
Rhoyal Blue
Not Yo' Mammy
Freedom Marchers
"Art is the Soul of a people."
Romare Bearden

"Unlike Most Artist that work, with a conceived image in mind I start with a title or words and search for an image to represent them. These are my Soul Visions. Images and memories sent to me. I could never classify my work as figurative, abstract or contemporary, it is truly evolving."

Lavett B.

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